Ginbow Fine Spirits is a project that was born, primarily, for the pleasure of enjoying the small delights of life.

And what could be better than sharing moments, while savouring a well-prepared drink?

The Ginbow Fine Spirits’ project seeks to fulfil that need for sharing, increasingly difficult to conciliate with the demands of modern life.

The development of this project aims, primarily, to materialize the pleasure for an excellent spirit drink, based on the necessity to create something personalised, meeting the preferences of this creators of this project. Hence the launching of our beverage: Neighbours Premium Gin.

Thus, was created a new Premium Gin, innovative not only for the manufacturing process, but also for its concept. It is produced in a entirely artisanal way, in small batches, with local botanicals, carefully selected and the distillate is obtained with the using two copper alembics made by Portuguese craftsmen with a long tradition in the difficult art of working this noble metal, which is copper.

Ginbow Fine Spirits undertakes to extract only the best from the aromas from different botanicals, materializing them into a genuine Premium Gin, that can be enjoyed and appreciated by true connoisseurs.

The attention to details is our primary mission!